Thursday, December 26, 2013

How To Decorate

My brain has been begging to blog for days, weeks even. I promised myself a stress free Christmas and so I refused to give in to the blogging urge unless I had time. Today I have time. Today I am relaxing and doing a lot of nothing. I lay in bed until a shocking  hour, washed the sheets, did one load of chore clothes, heated up leftover soup for lunch, invited cousins over to play with the kids, and caught up on blogs and such like online.

Now I have time to blog.

First off, you will probably never come to my house and say, "Wow, if only I could decorate like her." I'm not a super creative artsy Pinterest type person. Oh, I peruse Pinterest, dreaming of the ability or even just the desire to get all crafty. But in the end, I try a new recipe. that's who I am. and I'm okay with it, at least most days.:)

Soon after we got married and were all settled into our old but cozy trailer, I invited my very talented, creative friend to my house, to decorate. I pulled everything out that I owned in that department, and she set to work. When she was done, my house was beautifully decorated. A week went by. I simply could not stand to dust around all the stuff on that shelf. So down came most of it. Soon I was tired of almost cracking my head on the shelf. Down came the whole shelf. After more time had elapsed, I felt this creepy crawly feeling when I looked around my house. Too much stuff! I started taking it down. Soon I was back to where I started before my friend arrived. A light bulb moment happened just then. I can decorate. But I decorate MY way. And I'm happiest in my own house when I decorate it my way.

My Decorating Tips:
1. Be yourself.
2. If you like it, it's great.
3. Be yourself. (Am I repeating myself?)

Over the years I have discovered my style. It's all about simple, clean, and cheap. Please forgive me if this offends you.:) I may 'blow' my money in areas that you would find offensive. But seldom will I spend money on decorating my house.

As a woman, I know all about competition. I love to go to Elaine's house or Mary Beth's house or Fannie Ellen's house or Char's house, where everything is tastefully decorated. They have a gift, unique to them. I love to soak in the beauty when I'm there. But I operate best when I am me, and when I decorate my house according to what suits me best.

We as women would do well to stop the competition, the 'she has-I want-I need' mentality. We can serve God best by using our own gifts and talents. I want you to feel loved and cared for at my house. I want my house to feel like a safe, comforting, and fun place to be. I want you to experience God's love through me and my family's actions of service to you.

And you know what?

I'm not even offended if you don't like my decorating style.


  1. I decorate very simply. I wish I had a little more style, but I am not sure how to get it without breaking the bank. So nobody will be pinning my decor, but most of the time, I am okay with that!! I never had anyone decorate for me, but now that you mention it, I probably wouldn't function all that well, esp. if the decor consisted of more things!

  2. This is great and I so identify. I LOOve to look at the pretties, but they don't come naturally for me and I'm trying to be ok with that. I think I would like to visit your house. ~Luci

  3. Very well said. I feel the same. Most important is family more than things. My house isn't very stylish either. I think I'd love to visit you too! Of course any time you are coming through Louisiana I hope you could stop by to see me:)

  4. I've felt very comfy in your house...and couldn't tell you today what it looked like;), so guess it wasn't too shockingly bare. The company and food was so great I didn't notice, and I didn't have to watch my kids to make sure they didn't break something every time they moved. Excellent post, can't wait for the organizing one...I'm in deep need of that!