Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jesus Is Enough

I looked into her eyes and asked, "So how are you really doing? Is Jesus enough to see you through?"

With tears in her eyes, she said, "Yes, yes, He is."

I was visiting with one of 'my' girls, from the youth group that Leon and I helped lead for 3 years. After small talk about our lives, I asked this personal question. Her answer made me cry happy tears.

I had to think of a quote I have hanging by my kitchen sink-

"We are women 
who make our lives about the cause of Christ
not the applause of men
Who live to express the Gospel
not to impress the Jones'
Who live not to make our absence felt
but to make Christ's presence known."
                  -Ann Voskamp

It has nearly ripped our hearts out to leave these precious youth. There are many times that we've second guessed our decision. But we keep coming back to the obedience thing- when God asks you to do a thing, you must do it. And so we had to leave.

These youth are left to adjust, wade the waters, and make sense of  the confusion on their own.

I often think back to our mission trip last summer to Costa Rica and Nicaragua with these young people. We experienced a neediness for Jesus that few had experienced before. There were times when it seemed like we were completely out of options, and then Jesus would miraculously come through for us.

Over and over and over again.

As Leon and I continually commit these young people to Jesus, we remind ourselves that Jesus does not need us to do His work in their hearts. And we find rest in that.

So if you are facing loss, or difficult circumstances, remember this-
only Jesus can meet your needs. And truly, He is all you need.

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  1. Great reminder! I really love what you said about Jesus not needing us to do His work in "our" children's hearts. I have struggled with this so many times in my own experiences, but have found that when I am faced with a need, I have nothing to offer of myself.