Saturday, August 24, 2013

We're Back!

Back in school, that is.

Back to schedules, and routine,
Back to spending every morning minute with my children.
Back to children who cry because they aren't perfect enough for themselves.
Children who cry 'cause Mom makes them do it more perfect-er, and they couldn't give a rip.
Children who are so competitive that they have to be best, first, fastest, and smartest.
Back to not getting housework done until afternoon or evening, or not at all.
Back to teaching teamwork and getting exercise while playing Andy Over, Kick the Can, Peek Around the Corner, Kick ball, Dodge Ball, Elimination, and Trees.
We're back to 4 year olds crying when they get out in the game,
11 year olds who supposedly forgot how to write cursive,
6 year olds who fall apart over even one red x,
and 10 year olds who can't study for all the noise.

We're back to watching children grow, and learn,
teaching the 4 almost 5 year old how to read,
watching the excitement in a child's eyes when they finally figured out their Math,
working together to get lunch on the table,
enjoying morning devotions and singing together,
memorizing Scripture,
talking about nouns, verbs, and adverbs,
teaching patience,
and how to speak words of life to your siblings.
We're back to cooked breakfast, morning chores, and all that done and cleaned up by 8:30.

I'm a lucky Mom, I am.

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  1. As a mom, I love the structure of the school year as much as the freedom of summer :) Have a blessed year!!