Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Birthday Girl

6 years ago I became the mother of a little girl....mother/daughter relationships are unique, and I was thrilled to get the chance to 'mother' a little girl. I thought she would grow up to be like me, with similar interests and hobbies. She's only 6, but it has been so much fun to watch her develop her own unique personality. We have our similarities-we both 'fly off the handle' when our brother's tease us, (although hopefully I'm past that stage!), we love books, and cooking and keeping house. She's much more creative than me, and much more adventurous. She begs for a pink BB gun and loves to hold worms, which is very different from me. She is more reserved in a crowd and can actually be called shy at times. Somehow, that term never applied to me. She is a delight. A sweet little princess all wrapped up with lots of tears and giggles and drama and spunk. She's learning to read this year- almost effortlessly. What a blessing she is to our family!

Happy 6th birthday, Annika!

Breakfast in bed:

Birthday Party:

She planned the party. She invited her cousins Autumn and Alicia, their family, and her grandparents. She ordered spaghetti, breadsticks, peas, garden tea, chocolate cake, and ice cream.

Life is never boring with this little lady-in-the-making around!


  1. Another cutie. Pink BB guns and worms...smile. Love the strawberries on the cake. ~Luci