Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy Today

1. Remembering my hubs phone call yesterday afternoon..."Hey, I'll be home in 15 minutes. Can I go running with you?" (It took me awhile to 'get it' because this is a first for him.)

2. A late night coffee date with a dear friend.

3. Watching my struggling son 'get' his Math.

4. Seeing the sunshine and warm temps again today...this is winter in the Midwest...or is it?

5. Thinking about next weekend, when we get to celebrate our marriage-just me and my man.

6. Looking through the children's scrapbooks that I labored over throughout the years.

7. Watching my sons' delight over catching big, fat Mr. Possum in their trap and getting to use Dad's .22 to finish him off.

8. A tiny nap.

9. A 20% off coupon for Kohl's that came in the mail today.

10. 3 bags of stuff ready to haul out the door- to give away or consign.

11. That we are all very healthy, and can I say we are halfway through the winter already?

12. A good Sunday evening spent with special friends.

13. That the computer program we set up for our bookwork is finally actually fun to use.

14. The blessings of a close marriage relationship.

15. My brand new dryer.

16. That we never get a busy signal when we want to talk to God; He's always available.


  1. Did you start running? I'm so impressed! I am loving my year at the gym, but not loving getting up before 5 to do it. I keep thinking I may have to start running when we move, b/c I can't imagine I'll be close to a gym there.

  2. I like your list! :) Sometimes it's good to sit down and list all the things that make us happy! At least it is for me. :)

  3. My favorite is the bags of stuff ready to give away because I SO need to be doing that. I'm also happy with you on the get-away. And your last one. Of Course.